New Jewelry by E.M Tiptoe

New arrivals by Japanese design duo Ejiro Nakatani & Masayoshi Tobita, who create whimsical, innovative jewelry by using odd charms such as bats, mushrooms and frogs.


While traveling through a rural village in Laos, Texas native Kimberly Hartman became inspired while watching local women dye and weave incredibly beautiful, rich textiles. Sensing she was onto something, Kimberly hired these talented women for a fair wage and enlisted them to help hand-make jewelry and handbags for her own fashion line, which uses organically dyed and hand loomed traditinal textiles.

Iwona Ludyga

Born and raised in Poland, Iwona relocated to New York in the early nineties and started her own fashion line, creating elegant jewelry that is both playful and distinctive.


Rosegold represents high style with the use of exclusive leathers, beautiful hardware and modern cuts, all while maintaining a focus on comfort.

CB I Hate Perfume

Looking for your favorite I Hate Perfume scent? We’ve added Walking In The Air & Russian Caravan Tea and re-stocked old favorites such as Smoky Tobacco, Crushed Fig Leaf, Burnt Wood, North Atlantic, In the Library, Fire From Heaven, Wildflower Honey, White Ginger Flower, Beautiful Launderette, Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, At The Beach 1966, 2nd Alan Cumming, Just Breathe and more!