The Gallery at Eponymy is an ongoing annual group exhibition that showcases the work of early career artists.  Curated by Amani Olu, founder of both Mr & Mrs. Amani Olu and Humble Arts Foundation, past exhibitions have featured the work of Sam Falls, Kate Steciw, Tribble & Mancenido, Yeni Mao, Gigi Gatewood, Stephanie Jane Halmos, Elizabeth Bernstein, Timothy Briner, and Eric White among others.  The rotating show provides a modern, ever-changing visual element to the classical backdrop of the shop interior and supports the underlying philosophy of Eponymy: honoring significant, contemporary art and design within the framework of relevant and timeless aesthetic.

Miller and Olu met in 2005 while working at a photo agency and quickly bonded over their love of outrageous humor and elaborate prank phone calls.  In 2006, Olu founded Humble Arts Foundation, where Miller sat as a founding board member.  Though neither has much time anymore to scheme pranks – the two have continued to collaborate on other, perhaps more progressive projects.

For art pricing or information about current or past group shows, please contact us: 789-0301.